Summary of Easytrieve Services

HireHub applies advanced natural language processing to automatically extract important concepts from a verbose job description and then match those concepts against candidate resumes. Employers/recruiters are presented with a rank ordered best fit match to their job openings. Advanced user interface features allow users to modify ranking criteria, save searches and candidate matches and track searches over time.
ZillionResumes leverages the robustness of Easytrieve's advances software robot infrastructure. Search Resumes from a Resume Database of more than 5,000,000 resumes gathered from more than 120K different internet locations, customers gain access to content that would take years to gather manually. Traditional user interface functions that allow advanced boolean keyword searching combined with robust online help and customer support make this service favorite among hundreds of employers and recruiters.
ResumeDeliver offers jobseekers the opportunity to directly target their resume to 1000's of recruiters with a single action. This candidates who compare consider resumedeliver the best value on the internet for similar services.
Activehire is a full service job board that allows recruiters to post jobs and search fro resumes. Because of the synergistic private labeling of the zillionresumes content, Activehire offers the ability to search both an active candidate database and passive candidates. User interface functionality for both the recruiter and jobseeker allow for standard account management functions and techniques to enhance exposure among other users.
ZillionBios is a demonstration service that shows the ability to aggregate data from disparate internet sources. Billed as the internet's only executive Bio aggregation service, users can simultaneous search for an executive type and a market or industry focus.
E-Recruiting Firewalls Easytrieve utilizes its advanced matching and document management tools to aggregate and filter disparate candidate content inflowing into the corporate HR organization. Hiring managers get best fit matches to their job descriptions, not tons of unqualified resumes.

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